* RI Monthly, Best of Rhode Island 2009 Editors' land 2009 Editors' Picks
"Best Tofu Dishes in RI."​
"Ah, the dreaded tofu. It's the bane of every carnivore's culinary dreams and overlooked staple of the vegan diet. Sun & Moon manages to spice up silken tofu and elevate it to great heights, playing into its soft texture rather than covering it up."Type your paragraph here.



​* Gourmet Magazine Oct 2004 Edition
In October 2004, Gourmet magazine had introduced our restaurant as the one of the four restaurants in RI to eat right now in the part of their eating across America section. To see the actual page in magazine, just click the picture above!Type your paragraph here.

* eat.shop rhode island : The Indispensible Guide To Stylishly Unique, Locally Owned Eating And Shopping
It is a great honor for us to be introduce in the book "eat.shop rhode island" wrote by Jan Faust. She picks our restaurant as one of her favorite restaurants in Rhode Island.

​* RI Monthly, Best of Rhode Island 2005 Edition 
"Best Dumpling in RI"

​​* RI Monthly "the New "it" Cuisine," June 2009 Edition
"Sun & Moon is the only restaurant in the trilogy that gets a steady stream of non-Korean diners, perhaps because its name shows up more often in the press."  
"Classic cuisine stripped down to its strongest flavors never has to be heavy to be appreciated."



​* Providence Phenix - Dining out Sun & Moon
Voted As "Best Korean Restaurant in Providence in 2008, 2010